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Microfiche Scanning

DCS offer a dedicated microfilm and microfiche scanning service

Microfilm and Microfiche Scanning

Information held on film media such as microfilm or microfiche is difficult to access quickly.

Instant desktop access to microfiche and microfilm information

The film media itself is prone to damage and the film readers and printers can be costly to maintain and repair. To help organisations address these issues DCS offer a dedicated microfilm and microfiche scanning service, which

  • Enables you to digitise documents stored in film archives.
  • Improves information accessibility.
  • Helps safeguard valuable information and promote business continuity with the ability to store digitised documents in secure data repositories.

DCS preserves a wide variety of drawings and microfilms for East Midlands Electricity

Our track record in microfilm and microfiche scanning

DCS are one of a small number of UK suppliers authorised to scan microfilm information by the National Archives, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, MOD and Home Office. Our microfilm and microfiche scanning facilities can handle 16mm and 35mm roll film, fiche and aperture cards, including jacket and COM formats. We also have the facilities to scan ¼ (75mm), ½ (105mm) and full plate film and can offer X-ray film scanning.

Throughput for 16mm roll film is in the region of 300,000 images per day, and 20,000 images per day for 35mm aperture cards. Scanning is done in black and white, or greyscale in the case of poorer quality images, and final image quality will be as good as a direct scan from the original document or drawing.

In addition to scanning microfiche and microfilm, DCS can offer further stages such as data extraction, or optical character recognition (OCR) processing to render the digitised document images fully text-searchable.

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