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Invoice Scanning

Capturing invoices as they arrive in your business

Invoice scanning and capture

Cost reduction through automated capture and processing of invoice information

Invoice capture is the first stage in electronic invoice automation. The DCS invoice scanning and capture solution allows you to capture both paper and electronic invoices. Capturing invoices as they arrive in your business can help you achieve complete end-to-end automation of your invoice processing operation by enabling workflows for invoice matching, invoice coding, invoice exception handling, invoice approvals and invoice archiving. The associated cost reduction when switching to an automated process is typically around 50% per invoice.

Paper invoice capture

A significant proportion of invoices are likely to be received in paper format or as faxes for some time to come and this must be factored in while automating invoice processing.

Using world leading Kofax KTM learn-by-example technology, the DCS invoice capture module automatically extracts header data such as supplier name, date, purchase order number, invoice number and amount, as well as invoice line items. The invoice scanning software can also recognise and process different languages and currencies. The extracted invoice data is easy to validate, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual data entry and enabling rapid delivery of high quality data into back office ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, Sage, Microsoft, JDE or CODA.

E-invoice capture

The DCS invoice capture module can capture a range of electronic invoice formats such as XML, EDI, BASDA eBis-XML and other proprietary formats. Even in cases where invoice data cannot be extracted directly from an electronic format, the DCS invoice capture solution will be able to process the invoice in a similar way to paper invoices, but without the need for scanning.

Whether you receive invoices in paper, fax, JPEG, TIFF, XML or other format, DCS has the invoice capture solution for your current and future invoice processing needs. Even if your accounts payable department cannot process PDFs directly this is no problem as they will simply be treated as paper.

We can also help you bring your suppliers on board to e-invoicing. See e-invoicing for suppliers for more details.

An invoice processing solution for Bentley's Accounts Payable department.

ExxonMobil outsource European invoice receipt to DCS for instant access via the web


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