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Forms Capture Processing

Low-cost access to best-in-class Kofax data extraction technology

Form Capture

Data Capture Solutions Ltd (DCS) are experts in form processing, enabling organisations to maximise results from any form data capture exercise at low cost.

Complete form processing from form design to form data capture

Our outsourced form capture services can include form design and printing, mail room receipt of returned forms through to form data capture and analysis. For our public and private sector clients, we capture and process data from a wide range of forms, including:

  • Surveys and questionnaires.
  • Application forms, registration forms.
  • Marketing reply cards or response cards.
  • Order forms and cheques.

Access to the latest data extraction and validation technology

Our UK-based processing facility can handle thousands of daily returns and gives you low-cost access to best-in-class Kofax data extraction technology. With this technology, we can automate your form capture project, which accelerates processing and eliminates the need for data entry by extracting data directly from the scanned paper documents.

With our form capture software, we can quickly and accurately process machine-printed and hand-printed forms, bar codes and OMR codes, and verify information such as addresses and even signatures.

Following extraction, we offer a range of data validation services including both manual and automated checks to ensure data accuracy and completeness. With database validation, extracted data such as addresses or policy numbers can be automatically matched against database records and any exceptions flagged for prompt attention. We can also customise the validation process to your specific needs using validation scripting. To guarantee the accuracy of critical data such as account numbers or numeric values we offer a further data verification stage.

Low cost data entry services

In cases where poor quality or significant variation in returned forms make OCR processes less viable, DCS offer fast, accurate and competitive data entry services. Our data entry costs are typically much lower than in-house form processing, and we offer both single pass data entry and double pass entry using separate operators for increased accuracy.

Optimised results with our form design service

Careful form design and planning at the beginning of a project can pay high dividends in optimising the results of form data capture. With our experience, we can provide useful input at this stage, enabling you to proceed to the launch phase with speed and confidence. We can help you optimise your form design to maximise data extraction efficiency, resulting in faster processing, lower costs and better quality results.

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