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Form Processing

Let DCS scan and process your returned forms for rapid data turnaround

Why would you want your returned forms scanned by DCS?

The more forms you have, and the more data there is on them, the more worthwhile it is to hand over processing to a company who can quickly OCR scan and compile the vital data for you. The reduced manual handling brings huge staff time benefits and eliminates the risk of error in interpretation of responses. Each batch of forms or questionnaires comes back to you as actionable data that you can put straight into your back-end systems and statistics.

We will handle:

  • Surveys and questionnaires.
  • Application forms, registration forms.
  • Marketing reply cards or response cards.
  • Order forms and cheques.

Using the latest Kofax data capture technology, we can capture machine-printed and hand-printed forms, bar codes and OMR codes. We customise our post-extraction checks on validation. While exceptions are flagged against database records, we can also perform alternative validations according to your specific needs.

What if forms are of insufficient quality for OCR?

We offer fast, accurate and competitive data entry services, typically at a lower cost than doing it in-house, featuring single or double pass data entry.

Alternatively, DCS also offers a form design service for customers at the very beginning of a data-gathering project. We can provide useful input to ensure maximum data extraction efficiency resulting in faster processing and lower cost at the information return stage.

Natural England hands over receipt, scanning and processing to DCS

An outsourced order processing solution enhances a mail ordering service


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