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Film and Other Formats

Be gone with dusty archives, sealed vaults or rack-rooms

Why should I consider digitising my specialist media?

Simply, either because it is easily damaged and lost or because it will degrade and perish over time. Microfilms, microfiches, slides, aperture cards, negatives, X-rays, photos, books, laboratory documents, technical drawings and plans are all potentially subject to one of those problems or both.

If that information is important to the company you will want to ensure that it can be accessible and useable in the future. This means converting it to a contemporary image format that will last and be unaffected by time, technological innovation or the pressures of office space.

DCS offers a way of preserving specialist formats as perfect images that you can summon up with the click of a mouse. Rather than compelling your staff to spend time they can’t afford to searching, you can instead have file and index-searchable images available to whomever you authorise.

In what format is the returned information delivered?

Images can be supplied in JPEG, TIFF, EPS, GIF, PNG, CALS or editable OCR versions.
Document formats such as PDF, Word and PowerPoint can be employed if required.
We can supply your scanned images on CD or DVD or upload them to online storage.

CS digitises microfiches, blueprints, paper and parchment for HM Prison Service


  • No further risk of format obsolescence
  • Your digital image files won’t perish like the originals
  • You can access and view the information without any special handling requirements
  • DCS also provide image improvement and correction services if required (such as image sharpening and scratch/blemish removal).

DCS protects the intellectual property of NAPP Pharmaceutical

DCS preserves a wide variety of drawings and microfilms for East Midlands Electricity


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