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Document Scanning

A fast, accurate and secure document scanning service

File accessibility

When document scanning is required, organisations looking to improve handling and productivity approach DCS for comprehensive and convenient solutions. We can fulfil your needs with a fully text-searchable, indexed document system – FileStore – which we can host for you on a SaaS basis or install at your premises.  Either way, access is via a simple web-browser based system, arranged for however many you users you need to authorise. Each document has an audit trail log and can be version-controlled, shared, annotated or redacted where appropriate. When companies merge or perform acquisitions, they often find themselves with legacy documents of multiple formats (eg HR files) which they need to standardise somehow. DCS are experts in this area.

Storage space and costs

Archives take up a lot of physical room, which can be redeployed for more profitable purposes when digitising is complete. Entire floors of office space have been liberated by companies having their document files and archives digitised by DCS. We can store your documents in our secure cloud-based FileStore EDM repository where they can be accessed remotely via check-in/check-out functions from any location.
Apart from taking up a lot of room, archives can be expensive to maintain, especially if any special handling or climatic conditions are necessary for preservation. When you compare the ongoing yearly cost per square foot of your paper document storage with the likely project cost of a backfile scanning project with DCS, you may conclude that the convenience and time saved more than justifies the budget.

Using the latest Kofax document scanning software, we scan high volumes of just about any document:

  • Sales orders, purchase orders and invoices.
  • Reply cards, surveys and questionnaires.
  • Application and registration forms, insurance claim forms.
  • Deeds and conveyancing documentation.
  • Time sheets, CVs and employee records.
  • Cheques, tickets and receipts.
  • Proof of delivery documents, bills of lading, goods received notes.

DCS helps a leading UK bank reduce HR paperwork burden by converting paper to electronic files, ahead of a premises move.

Case Study: Securitas save office space by converting legacy employee files to digital records.

Case Study: Secure scanning project brings quicker file retrieval and floorspace


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