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Data Capture

Quickly pin down documents such as insurance claims or medical records

Data Capture and Electronic Document Indexing

The DCS document scanning service provides your teams with images of documents which they can instantly view on-screen. But how do they find those documents?

How long does it take to retrieve a document?

When looking for records on a database, staff would conduct searches using various reference numbers, customer names or date ranges. With the DCS data capture and document indexing service, your staff will be able to use a range of similar terms to quickly pin down documents such as insurance claims, invoices or medical records.

DCS preserves a wide variety of drawings and microfilms for East Midlands Electricity

Transforming your paper documents into information assets

At DCS, we provide a document scanning service to help organisations convert high volumes of paper documents to digital format, so they can reduce paper storage costs, store documents securely and locate them quickly. Our heavy investment in Kofax Capture technology, together with the development of our FileStore EDM document management software, enable us to add significant value to your documents, helping you improve response to customers and suppliers, reduce administrative effort and better manage compliance.

Once we have scanned your documents, our data capture and indexing services provide you with consistently indexed content, allowing you to organise documents such as sales orders, employee records, complaint correspondence or goods received notes for instant, accurate retrieval and improved records traceability.

With our data capture and document indexing services, we can index your scanned documents with a wide range of metadata, such as:

  • Document type
  • Policy number, account number, national insurance number
  • Record retention period
  • Date of birth, start date, dispatch date
  • Blood group
  • Name of customer, supplier, employee, patient, enquirer etc.
  • Relevant product, service, department, case handler

The result is an electronic scanned document image showing the document in the as-received state, which is now associated with a useful range of searchable index field data.

To add this data, we use a range of methods ranging from manual input to automatic methods such as zonal OCR, bar code recognition or database validation. In addition, we can include a verification stage to verify the integrity of index data such as account or policy numbers.

Data capture and document indexing – not just paper

The DCS data capture and document indexing service can be applied to any type of document in any format, including faxes, emails and attachments, drawings, Office documents and most other electronic document formats.

DCS helps a leading UK bank reduce HR paperwork burden by converting paper to electronic files, ahead of a premises move.

Thames Water outsource the receipt of property information requests arriving in paper form to DCS for electronic conversion

DCS protects the intellectual property of NAPP Pharmaceutical


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