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Cheque Scanning

Our fast and efficient cheque scanning and processing service

Who outsources their cheque processing?

Companies which receive a lot of cheque payments frequently struggle to get them cleared because of the administrative steps involved. Manual accounts receivable processes usually require a lot of keying in of cheque data, one by one. And that’s before the hurried trips to the bank.

So instead, companies can outsource their cheque handling – in part or in whole – to DCS. We offer a cheque scanning and data-extraction service from which we return the digitised cheque data for your financial records. We conclude the process either by banking the cheques on your behalf or returning them to you by courier for your own banking arrangement.

How is this set up?

  • We jointly arrange for cheques to be redirected to the DCS scanning bureau, using a dedicated PO Box number, or couriered from your premises to ours via Hayes DX or other courier service.
  • Each day, cheques arriving at DCS are collected and scanned. The information is converted to a digital format compatible with your back-end financial systems. Unresolvable exceptions (i.e cheques with vital missing information) are returned to you.
  • The digital data from scanned cheques is provided to you via online storage FileStore – secure user access via web.
  • The cheques themselves are either returned to you or banked on your behalf by DCS.


Considerable time savings can be made from having cheque data processed automatically instead of having to key it into systems yourself. Further time is saved if DCS performs the bank run as well.

Cheque data is provided to you in a format compatible with your financial systems.

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