European Data Protection Day

Security around information and data stored and shared on computers is coming under greater scrutiny. Are you prepared for an audit? Is your data protected?

Data protection day

Data Protection Day is focused on raising awareness around what data is collected from individuals who could be your customers, employees or suppliers, how to use that data and how to protect it from theft and illegitimate usage. The underlying principle of the regulation is - If you handle personal information, you have legal obligations to protect that data. 

Data Capture Solutions provides document and data management solutions to ensure that all personal data within your enterprise is protected and cannot be accessed by any unauthorised person. Our software solutions also generate a automatic audit trail of every transaction that happens with an individual record so governance and control of data is made easy. 

Business Solutions

Improve cash flow by shortening the order to cash cycle and quicker invoicing.
Work with accurate order information and reduce errors in payments and order delivery.
Manage exceptions better by reconciling invoice information with other order related documents.

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