Capture from paper and mobilise business processes

Some organisations are still fighting the long-old battle of getting rid of paper that is blocking business processes and making them unresponsive and slow.  According to a recent research published by AIIM, driving paper out of your office could improve speed of response to customers by four times and will lift productivity of employees by 29%.  The ability to capture documents from mobile devices and accessibility of documents over mobile devices could further reduce the administrative time and cost wasted in processing documents.

 A lot more companies have realised the potential savings in coupling capture with mobile capabilities and 15% of the companies surveyed are already using mobile capture to speed up their business processes and another 22 % intend to follow suit in the coming year. 

adoption of mobile capture AIIM


The slow adoption of mobile data capture and process automation has been attributed to the concerns about security and data protection. Data Capture solutions is leading the market by implementing mobile capture solutions in partnership with Kofax.  Kofax mobile capture platform offers the security of encapsulation on a device and the application leverages Kofax’s patented VRS Elite Image Enhancement software.  Mobile capture has already been proven successful in a many business processes especially in capturing documents and images for auto claims, insurance claims, and processing expenses. Read more about our mobile capture solutions.

Would you like to speed up your business processes with mobile capture? Contact one of our business consultants to set up a demo system to scan and capture documents through mobiles into your business processes on 01753 616720.

Business Solutions

Improve cash flow by shortening the order to cash cycle and quicker invoicing.
Work with accurate order information and reduce errors in payments and order delivery.
Manage exceptions better by reconciling invoice information with other order related documents.

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