Improved Data Extraction with New KTM Release

Kofax KTM enables automated data extractionKofax have announced the release of Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) version 6 which will bring further improvements to automated data extraction from documents.

The modules, which provide add-on functionality to Kofax Capture document scanning software - are used to automate the classification and separation of scanned documents and extraction of actionable business data direct from structured documents such as forms and semi-structured documents such as invoices.

Version 6 of Kofax KTM will deliver advances in two key areas. The analytical capabilities of this “learn by example” document recognition software now enable improved classification and data extraction from a wider range of unstructured documents. These include contracts, medical reports, business correspondence and many other documents from which data must be laboriously extracted and rekeyed by knowledge workers at considerable cost.

Data extraction from unstructured documentsKTM version 6 also provides innovative new capabilities designed to minimise set up and configuration times for transformation processes involving large volumes of unstructured documents. This will enable faster project design, testing and deployment which will help reduce total cost of ownership and allow organisations to achieve a faster return on investment.

UK Kofax reseller Data Capture Solutions (DCS) have leveraged the automated document classification and data extraction capabilities of KTM in numerous business process improvement solutions. These include automated claim processing and most notably automated invoice processing, where KTM has been used to automate the extraction of both header and line item data.

DCS also utilise Kofax KTM data extraction within their own outsource document scanning services, which gives organisations the benefits of rapid turnaround and high data accuracy in form processing and invoice processing services.

If you would like to know more about bringing the benefits of automated data extraction to your business processes with Kofax KTM, please contact a DCS business consultant on 01753 616 720, or send an enquiry using our Contact Form.

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