Kofax Recognise DCS as Top UK Reseller

DCS were top Kofax resellers in the UK in the 2012 financial yearKofax, the global developer of document capture and transformation technology, have recently acknowledged Data Capture Solutions (DCS) as top UK resellers for the 2012 financial year.

In a message to members of the Kofax UK Platinum Partner Drive Program, senior director for Software Solutions & Sales, Joseph Rayfield, acknowledged DCS as both annual high achievers and high achievers for Q4 with sales exceeding GBP 200K.

DCS have been certified Kofax resellers for many years and since 2009 have enjoyed Kofax Platinum Partner status, which is reserved for only the top EMEA resellers.

Kofax provide front end scanning, document capture and processing software which DCS build into solutions for the automation of high volume, document driven business processes such as invoice processing, claim processing or employee records management.

Automated digital mailroom

Digital mailroom solutions enable business process automationMany of the process automation solutions provided by DCS are based around the automated digital mailroom concept. Documents belonging to different business processes are electronically captured on entry into the organisation, which then allows the deployment of “touch-less” automated document workflows.

The Kofax platform captures documents from inbound email, fax and postal channels, then uses intelligent recognition technology to sort, classify and route documents according to business rules. Combined with this is the ability to extract data straight from the document page and deliver it as actionable information to back-end ERP or CRM systems.

Accessing Kofax technology on an outsourced basis

Kofax technology also features strongly in outsourced digital mailroom and document processing services offered by DCS.

At secure UK based facilities, DCS receive, scan and process millions of document pages per annum on behalf of clients in both government and private sectors, and including ExxonMobil, one of the world’s largest companies.

DCS provide outsourced access to Kofax technology enabling low cost capture of invoices and other documentsOutsourcing gives organisations access to Kofax technology on an easily affordable basis, avoiding the need for on-site installations, maintenance or staff training. Organisations can then eliminate fixed in-house overheads by divesting of none-core document scanning, capture and processing operations which DCS can perform at a very low per-document cost.

To find out more about how DCS business solutions can help you reduce costs or bring greater efficiency to your document based processes, call one of our consultants today on 01753 616 720 or send your enquiry by email to info@dcs.co.uk.

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Business Solutions

Improve cash flow by shortening the order to cash cycle and quicker invoicing.
Work with accurate order information and reduce errors in payments and order delivery.
Manage exceptions better by reconciling invoice information with other order related documents.

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