Greater SharePoint compatibility in Kofax Express 2.5

Kofax has announced a new release of their Kofax Express product which is focused around less complex capture and processing operations.

The new version of Kofax Express is a powerful scan to archive software package which boosts productivity and improves document management processes with improved indexing capabilities and the ability to capture and store documents in Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

What’s new in Kofax Express 2.5

Zonal optical character recognition has been introduced to speed up indexing and processing times. With this feature users can train the software to automatically identify and extract index field data from their documents.

A new feature “rubber band OCR” brings further benefits to automatic data extraction. It allows users to select index fields directly with their mouse, which saves on keystrokes and results in faster and easier indexing.

With certification for SharePoint 2007 and 2010 Kofax Express users can share and retrieve their captured information in SharePoint and initiate SharePoint workflows.

According to Jim Nicol, Executive Vice President of Products at Kofax,

“by adding new capabilities that simplify setup, indexing and administration, we’ve automated more of the process and further reduced costs associated with training for an even faster ROI.”

Data Capture Solutions (DCS) is a Kofax Platinum Partner. Products such as Kofax Capture and KTM form an integral part of DCS’s own document management solutions.

To find out more about Kofax document scanning and document management solutions available from DCS please fill in our contact form or speak to one of our business consultants on 01753 616720.

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