Distributed Capture Drives Next-Generation Imaging Processes

Distributed capture has replaced centralised scanning and distribution of paper as it is more cost effective and helps streamline business processes. Especially organisations that operate from multiple branch sites see distributed capture driving the next generation imaging process.

According to a recent study conducted by AIIM*, the top two benefits of distributed capture are -

Improved efficiency (get access to information immediately)


Automate processes (improve processes by eliminating paper at point of origin)


*AIIM (Association for information and image management) interviewed 456 companies regarding their usage of distributed capture.

Other benefits quoted were - Information security (document is captured at its origin and securely stored electronically), eliminate or reduce shipping costs (no longer need to ship documents back and forth between offices) and better risk management(better disaster recovery).

Distributed capture solutions from DCS

Data Capture Solutions has successfully implemented distributed capture systems for various clients automating document intensive business processes and resulting in significant process improvements.

We partner with Kofax (leading technology providers of document capture software) to offer you the best solutions for capture, archiving and workflow automation.

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Improve cash flow by shortening the order to cash cycle and quicker invoicing.
Work with accurate order information and reduce errors in payments and order delivery.
Manage exceptions better by reconciling invoice information with other order related documents.

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