Charity Sector Case Study

This client specialises in providing care, welfare and advice to older people and their families in the UK. It also combats social isolation by visits and telephone contact as well as campaigning alongside other organisations for changes needed to benefit older people in society. Donations are put to use with the provision of comfort, relief and mobility items.

The Challenge

With plans to move to a smaller HQ in London, the client identified a need to digitise and store their documents on an EDMS. The solution would need to address all present document holdings and all future documents.

The Solution

DCS provided a back-scanning service to the client, collecting and scanning around 50 boxfuls of documents per week, using:

For the client to continue digitising documents on arrival, the above technology was installed at their premises. The FileStore EDM storage solution set up during the back-scanning stage was handed over to the client with user training provided.

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Scanning and storage solutions

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