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What's New in Kofax KTM

What’s New in Kofax KTM

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Native PDF Support

Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) allows you to deploy a single solution to handle all documents – paper or electronic. This provides enhanced support for digital mailroom solutions, allowing you to classify and extract PDF and office documents with ease.

PO Line Item Matching Enhancements

Providing support for multiple purchase order invoices, Kofax KTM can automatically match and process PO’s against invoices – increasing productivity and saving time.

Kofax Search and Matching Server (KSMS)

This supports the matching of data you've extracted from documents against millions of records stored in databases.

Change Batch Class on the Fly

Using Kofax KTM, you can have several different configurations for different steps in processing. This allows you to make the system easier to use and manage.


With Kofax KTM, you now have the ability to easily compare results before and after making changes to classification settings, allowing you to determine whether performance has improved. This then allows you to monitor and achieve higher accuracy on all documents.

Sticky notes

This allows users to add ‘sticky notes’ to documents, passing on information and comments to other users, reducing the amount of emails and phone calls needed to pass on document-relevant information.

Training Conflict Management

This is a new tool, allowing you to identify and resolve conflicts between different documents and improve your extraction accuracy.

Project Merge Tool

Kofax KTM now supports the ability for several developers to be working on the same solution simultaneously therefore saving time.

Thin Client Enhancements

To improve ease of use and user experience in Kofax KTM, several enhancements include custom layouts and buttons and the preservation of user-defined settings such as a username at a login screen.

Improved Localisation Support (Validation)

Includes the provision of new settings to make it easier to provide a localised version of the interface to users – including support for two new languages: Swedish and Polish.

Validation Module Usability Enhancement

Make more of your screen by docking documents at the left, right, top or bottom, and save this setting for next time.

Document Discovery and Organisation

A new clustering utility minimises the time taken to organise and find document samples used in Kofax KTM training. Using this function, you can produce structured training folders for use in training sessions in just a few mouse clicks.


Case Study: DCS helps ARI Fleet UK automate validation and classification of 120,000 invoices annually with Kofax.

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