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Kofax Software Overview

Empower your customers to initiate business processes and deliver with greater operational efficiency with Kofax Software implementation from DCS.

Kofax Software

Kofax is a leading provider for document imaging and workflow technology that converts documents into actionable information. As a UK diamond reseller DCS designs electronic document managment strategies using Kofax to reduce cost of operations, improve productivity and gain competitive advantage. If you are interested in using the Kofax suite of products contact us.

Our Kofax Document Management System Experience

DCS have been implementing Kofax document capture and processing solutions for many years.  We are now one of the only two partners with a diamond reseller status in the UK.  At our UK service centre, we use Kofax to process over 15 million documents per annum for many different types and sizes of organisations.

DCS also combine Kofax technology with our FileStore document management and process automation software to provide a range of powerful, automated business solutions. Popular solutions include:

Digital mail-room: digitising business documents as they arrive by post and enabling rapid automated sorting, classification and delivery to the correct team or workflow.
Purchase-to-pay and invoice processing: digitising incoming paper invoices, extracting and validating the transactional data and enabling automated reconciliation and routing for approval.
Form processing: rapid extraction, validation and processing of data from forms, including hand-printed forms, with little or no requirement for data re-keying.

Benefits of Kofax Software

One of the biggest advantage of using Kofax is that it is a robust platform that can address all information capture, classification and distribution needs of a business. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Unlocking the information trapped in paper documents
  • Enabling automation of document-driven business processes and workflows
  • Enabling reduced manual intervention and more touch-less processing
  • Enabling reductions in paper storage space and costs
  • Fast, high-volume conversion of paper documents to a versatile digital format allowing rapid retrieval
  • A single technology platform for streamlined and integrated capture of all incoming business documents and communications

Capture information and initiate business processes from your mobile device. 


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