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Kofax Mobile Capture - Industries

Kofax Mobile Capture - Industries

How It Works | Industries

Mobile Capture for Mortgage

Through the use of mobile capture, Kofax Mobile Capture for Mortgage allows financial services companies to process mortgage documents directly from a client’s location. Mortgage brokers are able to capture and submit documents to support a loan application with speed and ease, without the need to set up a separate scanner and laptop with associated peripherals.

With Mobile Capture, brokers have the ability to speed up customer service and close more deals quickly.

Insurance Claims

While working in the field, it is now possible to use Kofax Mobile Capture to process claims information – including the capture of images or documents used in the support of a claim. This allows documentation to be processed at greater speed, with a complete chain of custody and traceability in the system.

Mobile capture and scanning

Transportation and Logistics

Kofax Mobile Capture allows truck and delivery drivers to capture time sensitive proof of delivery documents and submit these wirelessly and quickly to a central database for tracking and billing.

With documents captured faster and earlier, it speeds up the billing process and the processing of deliveries simply by capturing information in the field.

Seven steps to convert your mobile device into a powerful scanning device. 

Capture information and initiate business processes from your mobile device. 


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