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Kofax Mobile Capture

Kofax Mobile Capture

With over 66% of UK population using smartphones, businesses unable to extend services as smart apps will soon loose out to competition. With mobile capture you can empower your customers to initiate businesses processes such as filing a claim, placing an order or confirming a delivery; from their mobiles phones. Mobile capture uses leading Kofax technology back-end acting as one consolidated platform for all captured documents received via mobile or scanning.

Kofax Mobile Capture

How It Works | Industries

Kofax Mobile CaptureAs smart phone and hand-held tablet device technology continues to evolve, organisations can now bring the document capture proposition to this space, enabling them to maximise the return on investment from their device capital and seek out new ways to boost back-office productivity from front end environments.

Process-ready documents straight from the mobile

In addition to voice, email, SMS, MMS, camera and video features, personnel working in the field can now add document capture to the capabilities of their mobile equipment, enabling them to feed documents into back-end business processes from a single, highly portable device.

Delivery personnel in transport and logistics operations can capture proof of delivery notes and bills of lading and transfer them wirelessly to the corporate system for faster billing. Loss adjusters can use a single device to transfer documents and photographs from customer locations into claim handling workflows, and mortgage brokers can capture trailing documents away from the office without having to set up a laptop and scanner in front of clients. 

Image perfection technology

To enable mobile devices to achieve the image quality required for document processing workflows, DCS provide Kofax Mobile Capture solutions, which use Kofax Virtual Rescan (VRS) image perfection technology.

VRS technology effectively resolves issues such as camera angle, blurring and illumination when capturing paper documents. The VRS process provides users with feedback on captured image quality before submitting documents into back-end processes. VRS can run directly on the device or can be accessed via cloud hosted Kofax Mobile Services.

A single platform investment for document capture and processing

Capturing documents with Kofax Mobile Capture uses the same back-end Kofax Capture platform used to process information from MFD’s and document scanners, email, fax and other sources and communicate with over 140 back-end business systems.

Kofax Mobile Capture uses the same back-end Kofax Capture platform as that used for MFDs and other scannersThe availability of Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) means mobile users do not have to index, separate or classify captured documents on their device. KTM technology enables automatic document classification and page separation, as well as data extraction and validation. With KTM, documents captured using Kofax Mobile Capture can enter document-driven workflows faster and with less manual intervention, enabling more straight-through processing.

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