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Kofax KTM Features

Kofax KTM Features

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Kofax KTM is the most complete data extraction and data document classification package available today, offering a multitude of different functions including touchless processing of documents such as invoices, cheques, handwritten documents and many more.

Kofax KTM allows you to save time and money by offering solutions that reduce the time taken in understanding and making decisions on what to do with document-based information, automating document classification and increasing your data quality.

Kofax Transformation Modules help enterprises in many ways, including:

Capture and process any document

Kofax KTM supports any document type, meaning that users benefit from a single solution that can be deployed across the whole business.

Maximise Touchless Processing

Using advanced recognition technologies, Kofax KTM is able to process printed fonts and handwriting in over 140 languages.

Minimise upfront configuration costs

Using many different learn-by-example technologies, Kofax KTM can be configured quickly and easily to work on multiple document types – without having to reconfigure for each different document.

Minimise ongoing maintenance costs

The system continues to learn as documents are processed, increasing its accuracy in data extraction and improving data categorisation as it works.

Streamlined exception handling

Using modern and intuitive user interfaces, Kofax KTM can be customised quickly and exceptions handled efficiently.

Case Study: Reduce mail processing costs to half with automated scanning and validation solution from Kofax.

Case Study: DCS helps ARI Fleet UK automate validation and classification of 120,000 invoices annually with Kofax.

Streamline transformation of paper documents into structured electronic information.


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