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Benefits of Kofax Transformation Modules

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Reduced Cost with Kofax Touchless Processing

Cuts in operational costs can be achieved by removing the amount of manual input in the classification and data extraction of documents – something Kofax KTM excels at.

Increased Speed

Manual document classification and handling not only takes time, but is deeply tedious for your people. Using automated classification and extraction not only saves time, but it allows people to focus on more effective value-adding tasks.

Increased Processing Capacity

Removing the manual element of data classification and extraction allows your company to process and handle much more data and many more documents per day. With Kofax KTM, users can achieve higher levels of productivity on any document type.

Higher Data Quality

By automating data processing and data extraction tasks, Kofax KTM can not only improve the quality of the data extracted but offers a greater level of accuracy, reducing the risk of human error.

Improved Compliance

Through the use of powerful data validation technologies, Kofax KTM ensures that data is not only correct but that it complies with security policies more robustly.

Increased Responsiveness

Documents can be processed and handled in a matter of seconds, thanks to Kofax KTM’s ability to extract and classify data from a document quickly and easily. This benefits users with a quicker turnaround time in document processing, allowing more documents to be handled per day.

Increased Data Security

As Kofax KTM automatically handles and processes documents, it reduces the need for human interaction with sensitive and secure information – improving the level of data security throughout the whole process. This also reduces the risk of this information being exposed to the public.

Improved Process Auditing

Automated processes allow every step of that process to be monitored and reported on, improving regulatory compliance and making the auditing process easier.

One Product for All Document Types

Kofax KTM is a widely-used and versatile system, with abilities in handling handwritten documents, invoices, printed forms and much more – all within the same platform.

Lower TCO

Kofax KTM is an intelligent system that learns how to process difficult problem documents over time – improving ROI and increasing the level of automation the system can handle.

Ergonomic Keying and Data Validation

With highly customisable keying applications, Kofax KTM can validate information quickly and easily – with separate interfaces provided for reviewing document classification and data validation. Each step in the process has been built for maximum efficiency.

Reduced Training Costs

The keying applications in Kofax KTM can be configured to meet your specific requirements quickly and easily, even mimicking legacy systems. This increases the ability of staff to learn the new system and reduces the cost of training.

Powerful Reporting / Auditing Capabilities

As the system processes documents, Kofax KTM is always generating information on the type of document processed – allowing the user to identify issues as soon as they arise.

Leverage Kofax Capture

Kofax Transformation Modules can integrate seamlessly with Kofax Capture, giving you access to the distribution and mobile capabilities of this powerful tool without disrupting your existing infrastructure.

DCS relies on Kofax to enable document driven processes and drive efficiency.

Streamline transformation of paper documents into structured electronic information.

Case Study: Reduce mail processing costs to half with automated scanning and validation solution from Kofax.


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