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Kofax KTM Applications

Kofax KTM Applications

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Kofax KTM provides Touchless Processing for many different applications and uses, including the following:

Invoice Processing

Automatic extraction of line items on invoices, and quick matching with purchase order information. This information can then be automatically booked to ERP systems including SAP and Oracle systems.

Digital Mailrooms

To increase responsiveness and customer service, the system can automatically classify documents as soon as they arrive by channels such as post, email or fax and send them to the right people or workflow for downstream processing.

Forms Processing

The system can significantly reduce the time taken in processing forms and the manual cost associated with this by automatically extracting the important data from many different types of forms.

Sales Order Processing

To ensure the correct shipping and payment information is recorded and reduce the possiblity of human error, Kofax KTM can be used to process and validate sales orders as they are received.

Contracts and Correspondence Processing

Kofax KTM can automatically identify unstructured and text-rich documents, and extract relevant data from them with ease. This reduces the manual cost of reviewing and passing data on through your business.

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Streamline transformation of paper documents into structured electronic information.

Case Study: Reduce mail processing costs to half with automated scanning and validation solution from Kofax.

DCS relies on Kofax to enable document driven processes and drive efficiency.


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