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Simple to Use

Bring simple and highly cost-effective electronic data exchange to your business with Kofax e-TransactionsDocuments can be delivered electronically by ‘printing’ them from a Windows application. The Kofax e-Transactions Sender application intercepts the print stream and sends it on electronically to the relevant business process via secure email, with no need for printing, mailing, scanning or data entry.


Through the use of various different encryption technologies, Kofax e-Transactions is a secure system both for senders and receivers of data, with digital signatures utilised to verify document authenticity.

Cost Effective

Compared to other methods of electronic data exchange, Kofax e-Transactions is simple to implement and deploy as well as being much more cost effective. As an organisation uses this system for more documents and in more business processes, the return on investment is increased through the associated cost savings.


Kofax e-Transactions allows business-related content in any document to be delivered electronically – for example, a business can send invoices electronically and can receive purchase orders in the same way, reducing the need to fax these documents or use mail.

For more information or advice on using Kofax e-Transactions, please get in touch via our Contact Form, or speak to a DCS representative on 01753 616 720.

Kofax e-transactions delivers electronic documents to business processes with just a simple print instruction. No scanning, no data-entry.