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Reduced Paper Handling and Data Entry Costs

For the receiver, Kofax e-Transactions allows you to significantly reduce the costs associated with mail opening, scanning and data entry, offering you the ability to deliver information to back office systems in an electronic and process-ready format.

Faster Processing

Through the use of electronic delivery of documents, the time associated with handling data entry and mail processing is measurably reduced, allowing you to process more documents per day, with reassurances over the quality of the data imported into your system. Invoices can be processed quicker, allowing faster payment.

Fewer Exceptions

If documents are incomplete when received, or the delivery fails, Kofax e-Transactions Features automatically contacts the sender to allow them to rectify this immediately – thus preventing poor quality information being received at the other end.

For more information or advice on using Kofax e-Transactions, please get in touch via our Contact Form, or speak to a DCS representative on 01753 616 720.

Case study: Flexibility to access and search two million documents from six sites.