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Kofax Capture Features

Single solution to capture all types of paper and electronic documents and convert them to useful, actionable business information.

Kofax Capture Features

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Kofax Capture - industry leading document scanning softwareKofax Capture is a powerful platform that provides a consistent process for securely capturing all types of documents and data, wherever they are received.

By collecting documents and forms and transforming them into accurate, actionable information, Kofax Capture is unparalleled in its ability to accelerate many different processes within your business. Whether your information is stored on electronic files or paper, stored centrally or on many desktops around the world, Kofax Capture can help to capture it quickly and accurately.

Capture Documents, Data and More

Kofax Capture delivers production level capture of documents from virtually any source – be it a scanner, email, fax, folder or web service. For document and data capture, Kofax Capture is incredibly fast and flexible, enabling you to extract and save important information including bar codes and hand printed words.

Using the same process, Kofax Capture is able to validate and capture information from electronic documents – meaning that regardless of the source or format, you can benefit from reliable and accessible data and documents.

Scalable for Growth

A key feature of Kofax Capture is that it is highly scalable out of the box, and can be used within a small department or across an entire organisation with ease. Kofax Capture can handle everything from a few hundred to several million documents a day.

Point of Origination Capture

For many organisations, the receipt of a document is also often the initiation of a process or transaction. Kofax Capture enables you to capture this content directly where it is received – be it a central office, regional office or even a home office. With this flexibility, Kofax Capture allows you to utilise a single set of rules, permissions and processes – regardless of the source or format of the data.

Integrates with Any System

Kofax Capture has over 140 connectors, allowing it to integrate with many different business solutions and systems. It can seamlessly connect to many systems from leading providers including IBM, Oracle and Microsoft.

Customisable to Meet Your Needs

Using dozens of plug-and-play modules available, Kofax Capture is easily customisable to meet your specific business needs. From automated document separation, to postal mail scanning, there are many options available. You can even write your own modules, using Kofax Capture’s flexible architecture.

Kofax Capture Enterprise Edition

Kofax Capture is also available in an enterpriser edition, offering high availability and disaster recovery for mission critical implementations. By making use of Terminal Services and Citrix server technology, Kofax Capture offers real-time management of your system and on-demand access to your Kofax Capture modules. Enterprise edition also offers options for database management systems including Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise and Oracle Database.

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