Kofax Communication Server Features

Kofax Communication Server ensures the reliable exchange of business critical messages through devices, people and applications – supporting the automation of your business processes.

Highly Reliable Business Communication

Based on 25 years of experience, Kofax Communication Server is produced and maintained to the highest quality standard to support the high levels of communications businesses need. Without the use of third party technologies or modules, quality remains high and no confirmed messages are lost if a component fails.

Secure, Electronic Document Delivery

Secure Document Delivery allows sensitive and private information such as HR records and billing information to be sent electronically, by automatically converting it into an email and hosting an Adobe PDF file on the server.

This provides assurances that the file is received in the format intended, and makes it possible to trace when and how a document was opened

Integrate any Application or Device

Any device can be integrated with Kofax Communication Server, with access to services and data being granted through web-based or file driven interfaces in a secure way.

Central, Compliant and Consolidated Solution

Kofax Communication Server allows you to run all administrative tasks through one central point, reducing costs, saving time and increasing your levels of compliance.

MFP Integration

Mutifunction devices (MFP) can be integrated into the communications system of a business, potentially delivering huge cost reductions. Devices are connected to the server, with all inbound and outgoing messages indexed and archived.

Server Independent Communication Hardware

Reducing the reliance on a server, the Kofax Communication Server works as a ‘plug and play’ through the telephone line and the LAN.

Supports IP-based Communication Media

Kofax Communication Server also works with Voice over IP technologies (VoIP) and Fax over IP technologies (FoIP), allowing organisations to continue using this technology in line with Kofax Communication Server.

Other features include:

  • Advanced Email Capture

  • MFP Integration

  • ERP Integration

  • Consolidating your communications infrastructure

  • Compliance

  • Straight-Through Processing for Funds Administration

  • Unified Messaging

  • Production Messaging

  • Short Message Service (SMS)

  • xSP – Service Providers

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For more information or advice about installing Kofax Communications Server, please get in touch via our Contact Form or speak to a DCS representative on 01753 616 720.

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