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Kofax Mobile Capture - How It Works

Kofax Mobile Capture - How it Works

How It Works | Industries

Using Kofax Mobile Capture is easy:Mobile data capture

  • Users select a capture process, controlled centrally by Kofax Capture.

  • The software automatically crops and processes the image.

  • Users can add additional pages if they wish, or combine documents.

  • User is prompted for meta data or index values for the document or process.

  • User submits the document and receives a confirmation.

  • Kofax reporting provides an audit trail.

Market-leading Image Perfection Technology

One of the main challenges when using mobile technology is ensuring the quality of the image captured. If a poor quality document image enters the system, it can cause additional delays and correction costs further downstream and compromise the effectiveness of automated classification and extraction procedures.

Through the use of Kofax Virtual ReScan technology, Kofax Mobile Capture ensures that images taken with mobiles and tablets are of the highest quality and are process-ready. VRS allows you to fix issues with camera angle, blurring and warping of the image.

Touchless Processing

Used in conjunction with Kofax Mobile Capture, Kofax KTM removes the burden of document classification from the mobile user. The system does this automatically, making  it easier to use and reducing the time needed to process information.

Custom Mobile Apps

Kofax Mobile Capture enables mobile devices to capture information for document automation technologies, with the mobile device becoming a process engine.

Through the use of Kofax Mobile Designer or Kofax Mobile SDK, custom applications can be built for a variety of different capture needs.

Capture information and initiate business processes from your mobile device. 

Seven steps to convert your mobile device into a powerful scanning device. 


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