Workflow management software – flexible use and charging models

Different ways to implement business process management solutionsData Capture Solutions - Workflow Management Software

The FileStore BPM workflow management offers ease and speed of implementation.  Also, FileStore BPM is flexible and can be customised to suit specific businesses as well as budget needs.

The software can be purchased using the traditional on-site installation model, or it can be “rented” as a fully hosted solution paid for as a simple monthly user based fee or on a per transaction basis against each item processed. Users can also move between one usage model and another as their business requirements change.

Hosted SaaS workflow management solutions

If you have identified business processes within your organisation that will benefit from workflow automation, but are concerned about the upfront capital outlay, you can access a fully functional version of our award-winning FileStore BPM software on the DCS cloud server.
Data Capture Solutions - Workflow Management Software
FileStore BPM is powerful yet easy-to-use workflow management software incorporating simple web-based forms and drag-and-drop graphical flow chart building. With a small amount of training, managers within your organisation will quickly be able to set up workflows and leverage greater efficiency in applying them to your business processes. For more complex automation projects, DCS consultants can help optimise the workflows during the set-up phase and save these to the server for you to implement.

The SaaS workflow management option means you can avoid installing additional software on your network and allows you to be charged on a simple usage basis.

Workflow management solutions installed on-site

Data Capture Solutions - Workflow Management SoftwareDCS can install a complete business process management solution at your premises using the traditional upfront capital expenditure model. Our consultants will provide the required level of assistance in analysing the business processes to be automated and ensure the workflow management solution is tailored to your needs. FileStore BPM technology is designed for seamless integration with business process systems and applications including Microsoft SharePoint, MS SQL, SAP, Oracle, Siebel and many more.

Summary of different charging options for workflow management software

  • Per document
  • Per transaction
  • Per user
  • Traditional capital purchase
  • Lease agreement

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