Supplier Portal and Vendor Self-Service

Reduce accounts payable workload with a supplier portal

Accounts Payable - Supplier Portal and Vendor Self-ServiceSupplier enquiries can take up a significant amount of accounts payable departments’ time. Among the most common enquiries are invoice status and payment queries. An Aberdeen Group survey estimates that up to 15% of accounts clerk time is taken up with supplier enquiries.

Also known as vendor self-service, implementing an online supplier portal as part of your purchase to pay strategy can reduce the time taken to manage suppliers and benefit supplier collaboration throughout the transaction lifecycle. DCS can include a supplier portal as part of a purchase to pay or invoice processing solution. The portal will allow your suppliers to log in online queries and monitor invoice payment status from anywhere.

Benefits of supplier portals and vendor self-service:

  • Fewer inbound calls from suppliers querying invoice or payment status
  • Accelerated dispute resolution
  • Automated itemising of unmatched invoices and exceptions for review by suppliers in conjunction with supplier email alerts
  • Tool for improving supplier relationships
  • Facilitated communication and relationship management with offshore suppliers

Suppliers can:

  • Submit invoices online, reduce paper invoice handling costs and accelerate other business transactions
  • Update account and order information online
  • Suggest changes to orders
  • Confirm shipment of goods against purchase orders
  • Receive notifications with accompanying alerts

purchase to pay softwareThe supplier portal or vendor self-service portal can be provided as part of a DCS purchase to pay software implementation regardless of whether you opt for an installed, hosted or fully outsourced purchase to pay solution.

What does DCS purchase to pay software include?

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