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Offshore Process Enablement

Get business-critical information into your processes faster with digital mailroom automation

Digital Mailroom – Offshore Process Enablement

Enabling offshore processes with digital mailroom technology

Since most back office business processes rely on processing high volumes of paper documents, moving a process offshore typically requires a solution for delivering paper based information to the offshore system. DCS has gained valuable experience in supplying the technology to resolve this issue, working both directly with companies such as Exxon Mobil, as well as alongside BPO operations such as Itella.

Because electronic mailroom solutions are designed to handle documents as they enter a business, the technology they utilise is ideally positioned at the start of many business processes. Key to this is the Kofax document scanning and capture technology used in DCS digital mailroom solutions. Put simply, the document capture technology converts paper documents to an electronic format which resolves the fundamental requirement to eliminate paper from the process.

Operating in conjunction with the Kofax capture technology, DCS provides a robust, web-enabled repository in which to store the captured documents securely for retrieval by offshore workforces. In the case of Exxon, invoices are firstly received and captured by DCS at our own service centre before being uploaded onto our cloud-based repository. The data is then retrieved by the Exxon offshore accounts payable operation on a hosted, pay-on-demand basis.

For companies wishing to outsource a business operation to the UK, DCS has the facilities and mailroom technology already in place and can set up dedicated PO Box addresses for mail collection.

In dedicated offshore processes such as accounts payable, sales order processing or customer service, there may be a requirement to outsource other upstream processes such as high volume data entry, in order to transfer document based information to an ERP or CRM system. DCS can arrange this process, or alternatively, advise on the use of sophisticated document data extraction technology which can be incorporated directly into the digital mailroom solution.


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