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Mailroom Services - Kofax Products

The industry-leading Kofax Capture software supplied by DCS can be used to scan your incoming mail, and integrates multi functional devices, faxes, emails and other channels to create a common digital receiving process. Kofax Transformation Modules can then be used to classify documents and extract necessary information to make it business ready and efficient to use.

Increased Responsiveness

Access to documents happens in a matter of minutes, as opposed to hours – increasing your ability to serve customers more effectively.

Increased Productivity

Allowing a digital system to handle mail saves large amounts of time, allowing your employees to work on value-adding tasks.

Fewer Exceptions

Due to the classification technologies utilised in Kofax Capture software, the risk of document misclassification is significantly reduced – reducing the number of exceptions further down the line.

Greater Capacity

Through automation, greater numbers of documents can be processed in a shorter amount of time – meaning that your organisation is able to handle increasing numbers of documents going forward.

Reduced Labour Costs

Automatic extraction and classification of information reduces the need for this to be done manually, saving man hours and time – as well as improving accuracy.

Less Risk

With an accurate and reliable process, Kofax Capture software is able to classify and store information from documents safely and securely.

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