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Today’s organisations deal with a vast amount of incoming information from varying sources – the challenge comes with managing this information in effective and efficient business processes, that enable the organisation to make productivity gains and improve service to customers.

The Kofax software products supplied by DCS are able to capture and analyse information at any step in a business process, inserting the right information needed into that process – allowing the organisation to drastically cut the amount of time needed to process, understand and act on information as it arrives.

Information can be captured at any time, from almost any device – including mobile phones and tablet devices, and then can be used to extend business processes to the point of capture. This allows organisations to be much more responsive to customer needs and requirements, as well as an ever changing marketplace.

Information Capture Products

  • Kofax Capture
  • Kofax VRS Elite
  • Kofax Express
  • Kofax Transformation Modules
  • Kofax e-Transactions

Point of Origination Capture Products

  • Kofax Mobile Capture
  • Kofax Front Office Server
  • Kofax Web Capture

Download the White Paper

BPM in the Cloud - Transforming the Business Case for Process Improvement (PDF Whitepaper)

To find out more about Kofax software products and capture enabled business process management, please get in touch using our Contact Form, or speak to a DCS representative on 01753 616720.

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