Invoice Exception Handling

Invoice exception handling with DCS invoice processing software

dedicated exception handling workflowsThe time taken to deal with invoice exceptions makes up a significant percentage of your cost per invoice. An automated invoice processing solution including dedicated exception handling workflows can reduce cost of processing invoices considerably.

Typical exception scenarios include mismatches between purchase order and invoice line items, duplicate invoices, the need for coding and approval, a missing purchase order or GRN not logged in the system. Handling exceptions manually by passing documents to different people for approval or reconciling against information in other documents and systems can cause long delays in payments. By automating invoice matching workflows DCS invoice processing software will identify any exceptions and automatically route them to the right query handler for early resolution.

invoice exception handling workflowsBenefits of DCS invoice exception handling workflows include:

  • Visibility of exceptions in the invoice processing workflow
  • Routing of exceptions and discrepancies by type
  • Easy implementation of workflow rules for escalations
  • Automated generation of alerts including email alerts direct to suppliers
  • Reduced payment chasing enquiries from suppliers

With DCS invoice processing software, invoice exceptions will be resolved in a matter of minutes or hours, not weeks.

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