Automated Debt Recovery Workflows – ERP and Back Office Integration

DCS automated debt recovery software is designed for easy integration with back office systems

The ERP back office technology and financial software found in many accounts departments offers limited scope for managing debt recovery processes. Typically:

  • ERP and financial systems are closed to non-ERP users resulting in lower global visibility issues, making it difficult to track all stages of order processes outside the system.
  • ERP systems do not offer document management functionality which can be a vital part of the debt recovery process.
Automated Debt Recovery Workflows – ERP and Back Office IntegrationThe automated debt recovery solutions available from UK based DCS Ltd run on web based technology allowing them to integrate with and link up different back end systems. The availability of the solutions as hosted SaaS or fully outsourced options can help you start accessing cost and efficiency benefits while avoiding upfront capital outlay.

Integration with your financial and accounting systems allows our automated debt recovery solutions to retrieve the customer account information required to initiate automated events.

  • By accessing the ERP credit control area, credit limit data for each customer can be retrieved and used to trigger automated close-to-credit limit alerts and other events.
  • Different types of data can be pulled from the ERP system to generate different credit control workflows such as largest value payments or most out-of-date invoices.
  • Timely management reports can be generated on orders which fail automatic ERP credit checks, allowing credit managers to intervene before a high value order, or an order from an important customer, is automatically blocked by your system.
  • The ability to access customer account data held in ERP databases allows the generation of automated template-based documents such as payment overdue notices. Customer data such as invoice number, contact name, company address and details of the overdue account can be merged into a standard letter format requiring no manual re-typing.
DCS automated debt recovery solution The DCS automated debt recovery solution is designed to integrate tightly with your ERP system and has interfaces and manufacturer accredited and proven implementations with SAP, Oracle Financials, JD Edwards, CODA, Pegasus, Sun Accounts, Agresso and many others including home grown systems and generic ERP methods. Using an in-built custom solution or a commonly used ERP system? Integrate with debt recovery software from DCS to ensure availability of most updated data to all users. Please talk to our business consultants to discuss your needs or email your enquiry to


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