HR Document Management Solutions

HR Document Management SolutionsDCS’s document and records management solutions for HR departments reduce the amount of paperwork you have to handle and as a result minimise stress, maximise space and protect your employees’ data. Our solutions electronically capture information from employee documents, CVs, forms, appraisal sheets, personal records and timesheets, streamlining the entire HR process. Standard HR processes such as joining, leaving and appraisals can be automated with our FileStore BPM workflow software, ensuring that the correct forms are used, filled in on time, checked and then renewed at regular times in accordance with standard procedures.

How it works

Award-Winning HR solutions With DCS award-winning HR solutions, every HR process is carried out quickly, accurately and complies with records management and data protection. This software can be tailored to suit any existing line of business applications or databases to greatly improve your HR processes.

  • FileStore EDM – FileStore EDM is an easy to use web based solution which enables you to securely manage and store all of your employee records. FileStore EDM can hold scanned paper, fax, email or MS Office files, and each file is time and date stamped to maintain an end-to-end audit log of who did what and when. Access to files can be controlled by HR managers independently of any internal IT staff to maintain confidentiality.
  • FileStore BPM – FileStore BPM automatically handles paper driven form and document processes such as joiner, leaver, disciplinary or performance review information. This ensures HR staff and departmental management teams follow internal and mandatory legal procedures correctly and the risk of staff disputes, tribunal and legal costs are minimised. FileStore BPM has inbuilt integration with MS Office, Exchange, SQL,
  • BizTalk, SAP, CRM and many other systems so it can be quickly and easily implemented.
  • Microsoft SharePoint - MS SharePoint adds complementary collaboration features to FileStore and fully interoperates with FileStore EDM, BPM and Kofax. MS SharePoint allows simple HR processes, information and news updates to be handled centrally and made available to staff at all locations so they can interact with the business more easily.
  • Kofax Software – Kofax Capture gives you a common document scanning platform which integrates high-speed scanners, multi functional devices (MFDs), fax machines and email. Employee files can now be stored digitally rather than in paper form. Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) software can automatically classify HR documents and then extract content making entry into back end HR systems fast and accurate.

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