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Flexible use and charging models

Is your mailroom overloaded? Put your mailroom on auto-pilot with mailroom solutions suited to your business needs.

Digital mailroom – flexible use and charging models

Convert your fixed mailroom overhead to variable “per mail item” charges

If you are handling large volumes of incoming mail in paper, fax or email and electronic format, UK document management specialists DCS Ltd offer a number of options in implementing a digital mailroom solution in your business.

Outsourced digital mailroom solution

Outsourcing your mailroom operation to DCS as a fully managed service enables you to convert fixed staff and equipment overheads into variable per transaction charges such as “per mail item”. We provide a single entry point for incoming post, fax and email items and deliver the captured data to your staff, systems and processes. For more details, see our Outsourced Mailroom page.

Clients who use our outsourced mailroom service include: Natural England.

Hosted digital mailroom solution - SaaS / Cloud

Using our hosted mailroom solution, captured mail documents are uploaded to a secure web based repository on our cloud servers. Your staff can then view the documents via a simple web browser interface no matter where they are located. With a DCS cloud-based digital mailroom solution, you avoid having to make additional investment in IT infrastructure. Charges are made by licensing per user, or on a simple per transaction or per document basis.

Clients who use our hosted mailroom option include: BE Aerospace.

On-premise digital mailroom solution

DCS can install a complete automated mailroom solution at your premises following the traditional upfront capital expenditure route. Our consultants will work closely with you to tailor the implementation to the needs or your organisation and ensure seamless integration with legacy systems.

Clients who use our on-premise mailroom solution include: Hackney Council.

Summary of different mailroom charging options available

  • Per mail item
  • Per document
  • Per transaction
  • Per user
  • Traditional capital purchase
  • Lease agreement.



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