Electronic Document Management

Complete control of your business documents

Businesses process thousands of documents every day. Storing and managing these documents can be time-consuming, costly and inefficient. Document management software can help you capture, manage, share and store documents electronically so you have complete control over all your company’s information.

FileStore EDM – Installed and SaaS document management software

Data Capture Solutions - Electronic Document ManagementUK document management company DCS Ltd provide award-winning FileStore EDM software to enable organisations to easily store, search for and retrieve documents from a secure database. As an alternative to having the software installed on-site, DCS can enable organisations to use FileStore EDM on a hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS) basis, which is especially useful if a fast rollout is required. In either case, FileStore EDM document management software offers seamless integration with legacy line of business and database systems.

With thousands of users worldwide, FileStore EDM has been tested by the UK Government’s Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) who also use it for their own records management. Companies who use FileStore EDM as a SaaS or installed system include ExxonMobil, Natural England, Savills, Bentley Motors and a large number of local and central government departments.

Data Capture Solutions - Electronic Document ManagementHow it works

  • FileStore EDM – FileStore BPM, MS SharePoint and Kofax Capture all interoperate and are certified by both DCS and Microsoft, giving you a secure and tailored document management software solution.
  • Kofax Software – Kofax Capture allows paper documents, faxes and other business information to be transformed into digital form and then stored in either FileStore or SharePoint.
  • FileStore BPM – Add enterprise business process automation functions to both FileStore EDM and SharePoint. Workflows are easily created using Microsoft Visio and the core server is scalable, allowing it to handle millions of transactions with high levels of flexibility.
  • MS SharePoint – Where document management software requirements are more aligned to collaborative MS Office content creation and also portals/blogs, then SharePoint may be worth considering. DCS have certified staff to help you understand, plan and implement MS SharePoint projects.

"FileStore Online makes documents globally accessible". Try our online EDM solution.

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