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The first step in leveraging the benefits of document management

Data Capture Solutions - Document Management Software, Services and SolutionsDocument management systems don’t exist in isolation from the rest of an organisation. In fact, they will be at the heart of any organisation with document driven business functions, whether it be accounts payable, HR, claim handling, marketing or patient case management.

The solution offered by UK document management company DCS Ltd offers all the tools and functionality you could think of in managing documents within your organisation. However, in order to help you get maximum benefit, our consultants will play a valuable role in assessing specific needs, existing processes and IT infrastructure prior to implementation.

With over a thousand clients spanning private sector businesses, professional practices and government, healthcare and other public sector bodies, DCS consultants offer experience in ensuring our document management systems meet user needs.

Setting up document management taxonomy - The most successful document management systems are ones based on well-planned taxonomy. Time spent developing specific taxonomy for your system will pay back by helping your organisation quickly retrieve information, turning that information into a valuable asset.

Since each organisation is different, DCS consultants will help identify the way to structure information in the document management system which best suits you. This can involve consulting with the people likely to be using the system on a daily basis, in order to ensure the taxonomy will be easily understood and help maximise user adoption.

The way document management taxonomy is set up can benefit security procedures, help speed up legal discovery or simplify document retention strategies. It can also help prevent random document storage practices being developed by individual users.

Data Capture Solutions - Document Management Software, Services and SolutionsBespoke development - For organisations with highly specific document management needs, our consultants offer the first step in brokering a bespoke solution. In the financial sector we have engineered special solutions to meet particularly stringent security criteria, while close cooperation between our consultants and accounts payable departments has enabled the delivery of successful solutions addressing highly complex nominal ledger coding.

Image enabling legacy systems - Breaking down the barriers between your existing line of business applications, ERP systems and the documents driving your business processes is where you can unlock the real power of DCS document management software.

DCS consultants have the experience and technical understanding to make sure your integration requirements are fully itemised and addressed when designing and implementing your document management system. At the click of a button, accounts payable teams will then be able to pull up and view invoices on-screen without having to leave their legacy accounting system, while customer service teams can pull up correspondence linked to a CRM record while speaking to the customer on the phone.

To book a free consultation session with our business consultants please fill in the contact us form or call on 01753 616720 to book an appointment.

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