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Claims Automation

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Claims Management Solution – Store and Manage Claims Online

Claims involve lots of paperwork and also external parties to assess, audit and sometimes defend claims in court. The paper trail can therefore be extensive and it is critical this is handled efficiently to save money and retain customers.

Automating your claims processes

DCS’s claim processing solutions streamline the claims process at every stage, from the initial application to closure. Automating the claims process minimises the time it takes to process a claim and as a result it reduces the administration cost per claim typically by 10-15%.

Whichever sector you work in, our claims process automation solutions will give you greater control over the entire claims process. You can outsource claim handling as a fully managed service so DCS can receive claims on your behalf, or we can install the relevant software alongside your current systems so you can maintain the system in-house.

How it works

Your claim processing will be quick, accurate and comply with record management regulations as we use three award-winning software components detailed below. All of the software can be configured and easily integrated with your existing business applications or databases to fully streamline your claim handling process.

  • Kofax Capture – Prepares and converts claims and related documents into a digital format before extracting and validating the relevant content ready to action by your claims team or external adjusters or legal partners. Kofax software captures incoming streams of claim information from paper, fax or email into a structured common digital format.
  • FileStore EDM – Record management and storage for all your claim documentation whether in scanned, email, fax or other format. FileStore gives best practice records management capability to ISO 15489, and legal admissibility compliance with BS BIP0008. It allows external claim partners to share access to the claim documents so files can be worked on across multiple departments and locations.
  • FileStore BPM – Automates the claim process and works side by side with your existing systems to ensure that exceptions are quickly identified, fraud is reduced, customers are kept notified and costs per claim are minimised. Your claims processes can quickly be drawn out in MS Visio and then adapted as new products are added or existing ones modified. FileStore BPM has inbuilt integration with MS Office, Exchange, SQL, BizTalk, SAP, CRM and many other systems.

Case Study: Reduce mail processing costs to half with automated scanning and validation solution from Kofax.

Meet operational efficiency targets and reduce mail room costs.


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