Delivering Case Based Document Management Solutions

case managementCase-based working involves handling a high volume of case documents on a daily basis. Improving the efficiency of case management systems will benefit organisations as diverse as law firms, pension administrators, wealth management specialists, insurers, prisons and medical institutions. Across the board, people involved in case-based working need rapid, easy access to all case-related documents.

What is case management?

UK based DCS Ltd provide case management solutions which streamline your document workflow. Our case management software enables you to generate digital case files containing all case-related records and allowing you to track each stage in a process. Case files are stored in a virtual library where every communication between your company, partners and the customer or case subject is recorded, tracked and itemised.

DCS case management softwareDCS case management software is suitable for use in a wide range of sectors and business functions including legal, conveyancing, financial, customer service, social care, medical and insurance. Our experts will ensure that the DCS case management solutions are designed to suit your processes and will fully integrate with any existing systems you have in place.

A DCS case management solution developed for the NHS Litigation Authority provided the means to manage and securely access 12,000 clinical files from any web enabled location and handle over 6,000 new items of case-related mail per week.

The DCS case management solution – how it works

Our case management solution is based on three core award-winning software components which can be configured and easily integrated with existing line of business applications or databases to greatly improve your case document handling.

  • FileStore EDM – Manages document storage, security and user access so teams spread over multiple locations can securely collaborate on cases. FileStore EDM integrates easily into existing systems to give you tailored case document management and storage facilities.
  • FileStore BPM – Automates work processes and works side by side with your existing case management system. Stages, escalations and notifications can be automatically coded and are easily defined and changed using Microsoft Visio to map out case lifecycle flowcharts. FileStore BPM has inbuilt integration with MS Office, Exchange, SQL, BizTalk, SAP, CRM and many other systems.
  • Kofax Capture – Captures case documents from paper, fax or email into a common structured digital format. Information can be classified and content automatically extracted making workflow initiation and tracking faster.

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