Business Process Outsourcing

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Business process outsourcing gives private and public sector organisations the opportunity to focus resources on core processes. Organisations can outsource back-office and peripheral functions to service providers for more efficient and more cost-effective handling. One of the key benefits of business process outsourcing is the ability to convert fixed overhead costs into pay-on-demand service charges. This means you only incur charges when you use the service and charges will vary in accordance with demand.

Reduce costs and increase efficiency by outsourcing

outsourced business set upThe business process outsourcing solutions from UK based DCS Ltd can be seamlessly implemented to replace full, end-to-end processes or parts of processes. Our consultants can help you analyse existing business processes and then recommend the best way to optimise them either as a hybrid in-house or outsource system or as a fully managed, outsourced service.

We frequently work hand-in-hand with existing resident BPO service providers where we augment existing services and contracts with more efficient document process services and technology.

How it works

DCS employ sophisticated FileStore and Kofax software solutions to support any process outsourcing operation. This also allows us to add process automation, improved compliance and system interoperability quickly and at zero capital outlay.

  • FileStore EDM – Any documentation we receive on your behalf at our processing centre is stored online in a secure EDM system. The EDM system can be integrated with your existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other database systems. FileStore EDM gives you instant 24/7 access and ensures that a full audit trail is maintained for compliance purposes.
  • FileStore BPM – Automates your business processes so DCS, your own staff or other BPO service provider can work on them in a coordinated way. Exception handling, approvals, tracking and business process rules are all easily defined as graphical flowcharts in Microsoft Visio making it quick to implement and easy to alter as business requirements change.
  • Kofax Capture – Handles the digitising, automated classification and content extraction for any business information streams including paper, fax, email, SMS or web forms. Distributing information to outsourced processes can therefore be done instantly and at any stage from your own offices or customers’ or partners’ sites.