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Business process and workflow automation solutions

Every day businesses have to process information which, when done manually, can take a considerable amount of time, for example, client account opening, invoice processing or expense submission and approvals. Business process automation software automates these common processes for you, enabling you to handle more information and manage workflows more efficiently.

Smooth and highly visible processesData Capture Solutions - Business Process Automation

With business process automation solutions from UK company DCS Ltd, straight-forward work tasks can be handled with minimal human intervention, and problematic exceptions can be dealt with sooner and at a lower cost. At every stage of your process, managers can instantly see bottlenecks, team workloads, team throughputs and KPIs via dashboards allowing them to quickly action changes and improvements.
Whichever sector you work in, our business process automation solutions will save you time and give you greater control over entire processes.

How it worksData Capture Solutions - Business Process Automation

Our business automation solutions are delivered by our award-winning FileStore BPM software. FileStore BPM is accessible via a web browser and can handle the automation of simple or complex cross-system processes. Business processes are quickly sketched out as graphical flowcharts in Microsoft’s Visio designer and then, after forms, views, escalation and participant information have been added, the workflow process can be saved to the server for use across your business. FileStore BPM interoperates with existing applications via common industry standard interfaces and also integrates closely with FileStore EDM, MS SharePoint and Kofax Capture to extend their workflow functionality.

DCS relies on Kofax to enable document driven processes and drive efficiency.

UK's largest property management company reduces document processing cost by 50%.