Solutions for Workload Balancing and Task Streaming

Better utilisation of your workforce across offices

Organisations providing services to customers or the public via a network of offices frequently need to meet targets for improved service delivery and efficiency. To meet these targets, these organisations need to address issues such as duplication of work, inefficient distribution of work among teams and offices, and variation in service delivery from office to office.

One approach to resolving these issues is to improve overall process visibility and implement a more effective mechanism for standardising and distributing tasks.

Where services are based on processing application forms, claim forms or other types of case document, a centralised digital mail room and cloud-based distribution platform could provide the perfect solution.

What is a "digital mail room"?

A digital mail room allows organisations to electronically capture business process documents as they arrive by post, email or fax. The technology behind these solutions enables automatic recognition and sorting of documents by type so that they can then be routed according to pre-defined rules. This not only eliminates the delays and errors associated with manually sorting high document volumes, but also enables real-time monitoring and auditing of incoming mail and the deployment of automated electronic document workflows.

Process visibility – By centralising the digital mail room operation for the whole organisation or for a specific organisational process, organisations can not only achieve economies of scale, but can then monitor and audit incoming mail via dashboard reporting facilities. This enables managers to gain real-time data on the volume of documents entering business processes with the ability to identify potential bottlenecks or workload imbalances at the earliest opportunity.

Workload balancing – Uploading the digitised and classified mail to a virtual cloud repository with the appropriate technology then allows automatic streaming and workload balancing of tasks between offices.

Proven solution – Mail scanning and processing technology provided by companies like Data Capture Solutions (DCS) provide the basis for workload balancing solutions which organisations can use to stream work evenly. A good example is the BPM workflow solution DCS developed for the organisation Natural England, enabling e-access to centrally stored case files and processing of funding claims uniformly by eight regional offices.

DCS case study - Natural England Download the workload balancing case study

Streaming to mobile devices

In addition to streaming work to offices, field-based team members can now also receive scanned items of mail direct to portable tablet devices and smartphones.

Portable devices enabled with the DCS FileStore scanned document handling utility allow field-based staff to review, approve or act upon documents within minutes of arrival in the mail room and without having to wait to return to the office, enabling a faster response, better levels of service and more efficient use of staff time.

Benefits of a centralised digital mail room

The benefits of centralised digital mail room systems for workload balancing can be summarised as follows:

  • More efficient use of staff – better visibility of workloads enables more even distribution of tasks across offices.
  • Improved turnaround time – more even distribution of tasks with workload balancing eliminates localised bottlenecks, enabling response targets to be consistently met.
  • Reduced operational costs – a shared mail processing and distribution function achieves economies of scale. Digitising mail also reduces paper handling and storage costs, and availability of outsource digital mail room services can extend these benefits still further.
  • Task standardisation – a centralised document workflow ensures common tasks are not carried out differently at different offices thus ensuring more consistent service delivery.
  • Flexible and scalable solution – the document management and capture technology used to manage one document-based business process can be easily scaled to other departments and processes to achieve an even greater return on investment. A web-based document workflow system also allows “access from anywhere” and can enable organisations to leverage the capabilities of modern mobile devices as both document capture and document viewing tools.

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Natural England hands over receipt, scanning and processing to DCS