DCS Helps Fleet Support Group Automate Invoice Processing

About the client

Fleet Support Group is one of the largest independent vehicle management companies in the UK and receives about 120,000 supplier invoices per annum. The time spent processing paper invoices was inordinately long and they decided to investigate ways to speed this up.

The solution

Based on experience and proven ability to provide a complete automated invoice processing solution, DCS was chosen to install an on-premise solution for scanning, capturing, indexing and automatic classification of all incoming invoices and credit notes.

The invoice processing solution integrates with the existing ERP system and Microsoft’s SharePoint enabling straight through processing of matched invoices and automated routing of exceptions to the right business approvers.

The benefits

Fleet Support Group has been able to reduce the manual effort spent in invoice processing by 9 hours per day resulting in significant savings in overheads. In addition, their accounts payable process is now more streamlined and efficient and the number of queries from suppliers has reduced by 50%.

The company aims to achieve a paperless office and in line with that, the scope of the project has been expanded to capture other types of documents such as MOTs and service documents.

DCS automated invoice processing case study - Fleet Support Group Download the case study - FSG benefits by automating invoice processing

Invoice processing solutions

DCS's P2P and credit control solutions eliminate the long trail of paperwork and associated exception handling and chasing which commonly occurs in finance departments. With our capture and document management solutions we have helped one of the largest companies in the world centralise invoice processing and reduce administrative effort in filing and chasing invoices.

Find out more about our invoice solutions

For more information on Data Capture Solutions business process outsourcing and invoice processing solutions call DCS on 01753 616720, or send an enquiry using our Contact Form.

DCS automated processing of over 120,000 invoices for ARI Fleet UK. Watch the video testimonial.