How do you scan documents into SharePoint?

SharePoint document scanning can be automated using Kofax capture solutionsAccording to a recent AIIM survey, 71 per cent of major organisations use SharePoint as the first step towards ECM and are simultaneously looking for add-ons for compliance and workflow management. The 2010 version of Microsoft SharePoint has considerably improved document management features over previous versions and 24% of the organisations surveyed are now considering scanning documents into SharePoint as a leading aspect of their SharePoint implementations. AIIM outlines key considerations to keep in mind for SharePoint document scanning.

Analysing business needs first
Your business needs should dictate the selection and implementation of SharePoint add-ons for document capture. In the past, simply getting documents indexed and scanned into a repository used  to be a primary objective, whereas the key objective of an ECM system today is to automate document- dependent business workflows and improve business efficiency. The enterprise document capture solution should be chosen carefully as it needs to integrate easily with SharePoint as well as support the document scanning and capture needs of the business. 

Ad hoc scanning into SharePoint is not enough
Documents enter into the organisation from various sources - mailroom, emails, email attachments, faxes and other electronic formats. It is essential to have an organisation-wide document strategy as ad hoc document scanning may lead to chaos in SharePoint libraries. This will only add to the problem by making it difficult to access, retrieve or further process documents once scanned.

Automate manual tasks to save time and money
Document capture automation with web based products like FileStore Capture can enable routing of documents directly into SharePoint libraries saving a lot of manual effort and administrative costs. These document capture capabilities help cut operational costs and accelerate business processing. 

Integration with other business systems
SharePoint may be used as the primary content management platform, but the ability to share information with business systems or enterprise applications like ERP/SAP will ensure processing times are reduced considerably. Organisations rely on vendors' experience in managing enterprise applications as well as SharePoint skills to achieve a flexible IT infrastructure where documents and information can be shared between systems in a smooth and streamlined manner. 

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Standardise document capture rules
The guidelines for managing, storing and processing documents should be standardised and rules for organising information should be the same irrespective of the source (email, document or fax). For example, having standard naming rules can go a long way in synchronising the capture and storing of documents straight into SharePoint libraries.

Ease of adoption
The document capture system should enable front office staff to scan documents directly into SharePoint with little or no user training. Best-in-class document capture systems like Kofax have an easy-to-use interface that can be installed as a simple desktop application with no requirement for additional IT investment as they can be run from widely used multifunctional devices and scanners.

Data Capture Solutions provide expertise in implementing automated document capture and workflow solutions which integrate successfully with Microsoft SharePoint. For more information on how you can best manage the inflow of scanned documents into SharePoint without the need for manual scanning or data entry, talk to one of our SharePoint experts on 01753 616 720 or send an enquiry using our Contact Form.

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