How to Eliminate Paper from Business Processes

Improving business process efficiency and reducing operational costs with electronic document capture

Electronic document capture helps eliminate paper from business processes.An effective strategy for reducing the volume of paper within organisations is to intercept it as it enters the building. Documents can be converted into digital images using document scanning and capture, then filed electronically or routed into a business process workflow.

A recent report from AIIM has reviewed to what extent organisations are addressing the problem of paper and the solutions being adopted. The report indicates that there is an upward trend in spend on document scanning and capture technology, especially as a front-end to SharePoint and in the area of mobile capture.

What are the key business drivers and ROI for document capture?

In descending order, the top six drivers for document scanning and capture investment among respondents are:

  • Improved document searchability / shareability
  • Improved process productivity
  • Reduced storage space costs
  • Records security and compliance
  • Faster response
  • Improved quality and accuracy of data

The report suggests that 57% of respondents who have invested in document scanning and capture see a payback in 18 months or less, with 42% seeing a return within 12 months.

Download the AIIM report - The Paper Free Office - Dream or Reality?

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