Perfecting Your Sales Order Processing

Enjoy the benefits of an enterprise level order processing system without high cost – the SaaS-based approach

Sales orders can arrive via post, email or fax and processing them can be a costly and time consuming process. Automating sales order processing can result in up to 90% faster processing of orders while improving the efficiency of your delivery and purchase to pay functions. But is the cost of implementing an order processing system holding you back from automation? If so, a web based solution could be the answer.

A cloud based solution gives you the option to enjoy the benefits of an enterprise level order processing system at a fraction of the cost and without the need to build or expand an in-house network. A cloud-based SaaS approach allows enterprises to expand the automated order entry and approval workflow beyond the walls of the company — to subsidiary offices, remote employees, manufacturing facilities and other locations. A simplified explanation of the order to cash cycle using a SaaS based approach is described as below:

All orders received via post, fax and email or as web forms are captured using a distributed capture system. A distributed capture system gives you the benefit of capturing documents from multiple locations into a central electronic repository without having to spend on different systems for each location.
Classification and verification of all orders is done automatically through a web application based on the document attributes such as customer or supplier, amount, product, business unit etc.
With a cloud service, scanned documents then enter into an approval workflow. Orders can be dispatched to different business units where staff receive timely alerts prompting document sign-off.
The data and the image of the order can also be uploaded into the backend ERP or order management system for processing and payment.

With most companies looking to save capital budgets and having to replace legacy systems that don't provide the required document processing functionality and flexibility, there is a strong case for implementing a SaaS based solution. Other benefits include:

SaaS brochure from Data Capture Solutions Download the brochure - faster order processing with SaaS solutions

Quick implementation and fast returns: You can focus on achieving savings rather than investing on set-up and maintenance.

Flexible pay as you go pricing: With suppliers like DCS who specialise in web based solutions, you have the flexibility to choose from a pay monthly or pay as you go pricing model. This in turn means you can ramp the service up or down quickly as per your business needs.

Reduced risk and greater reliability: Your cloud provider will ensure essential disaster recovery, data mirroring and failover facilities at a lower cost.

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