Mobile Capture – An Overview

Moving capture capabilities to the point of origin

Document capture on tablet PCThe conduits for business information are no longer limited to traditional formats such as paper, fax and email. With the proliferation of smart mobile devices, the point at which organisations can start processing information is extending from the mailroom and centralised systems to the employee in the field.

According to recent research conducted by Gartner, by 2014 90% of organisations worldwide will support corporate applications on mobile devices. This means capturing information at the point of origin through these devices will not only become commonplace, but also essential in determining the efficiency of associated business processes.

In partnership with Kofax, Data Capture Solutions offer solutions to enable corporate users to initiate transactions and submit content at the earliest point in the process. So whether it’s signed contracts, POD’s, drawings and plans, sales orders or completed applications or surveys, documents can be captured and indexed at the point of creation and submitted as process-ready images. Captured content can then be delivered directly to enterprise systems, processes and business workflows for faster processing and improved responsiveness.

Kofax Mobile Capture allows you to extend the capabilities of production level scanning and capture, including features such as security, permissions and document control, to the point where documents are generated. If you already have an installed capture system, mobile capture acts as an add-on, enabling the capture of information from new channels and sources.

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Benefits of mobile capture

Less process latency – Mobile capture gives your customer-facing staff the power to capture documents and customer information at the point where customer interaction begins. Documents can be distributed to back office operations or CRM systems within minutes, enabling immediate processing and elimination of delays in the business process.

Less exception handling – If image quality is compromised at the point of capture, the effectiveness of subsequent classification and data extraction stages is degraded, which translates into higher exception handling and correction costs. Kofax Mobile Capture reduces downstream exception handling costs by ensuring images captured by phones or tablets are process-ready and of the highest quality.

Optimised return on existing capture investment – Mobile capture adds value to your existing capture system by increasing the number of available sources from which data can enter your process pipelines.

Typical mobile capture applications are seen in:

Mortgage application processing – Mobile capture allows mobile personnel to capture and submit trailing mortgage documents at client premises and remove delays in application processing. The mobile staff member becomes instrumental in moving the internal banking processes forward, which benefits customer service and promotes greater transaction ownership.

Insurance claim processing – Adjusters working in the field can leverage their mobile device to capture claim information, images and documentary evidence at the customer location and accelerate processing of the case.

Transportation and logistics – Delivery personnel need to provide proof of delivery and also capture bills of lading. Kofax Mobile Capture enables drivers to easily and effectively capture these time-sensitive and critical documents at the customer location and submit them wirelessly to corporate systems for use in storage, tracking and billing processes.

To find out more about how you can apply mobile capture to accelerate your business processes and eliminate process latency, discuss your requirements with a DCS business consultant by calling 01753 616 720, or send an enquiry using our Contact Form.

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