Maximise returns from your digital mail room investment

Digital mail room automation can significantly improve business process efficiencyThe importance of mail room as an entry point for business critical information is widely accepted. Automating mail room processes can signficantly reduce overhead costs of managing paper and also improve process efficiencies. The annual cost of maintaining documents has been estimated by AIIM (independent research) as shown in the following table:

Activity Estimated costs
Cost of classifying and archiving documents £1
Cost of searching for a document £5 - £300
Cost of misarchived document £150
Proportion of misarchived documents 3% of volume of documents
Total cost of misarchived documents 3-8% of company turnover

The research conducted by AIIM suggests that best in class organisations are able to reduce operational costs signficantly by implementing a digital mail room solution and the three main factors that determine the success of a digital mail room initiative are:

Ensuring digital mail room initiatives are in line with critical business goals – Any document capture system would help you capture information, classify data using sophisticated document recognition technology and deliver it to a database, email server or backend ERP system. But for best results a digital mail room system should be built around information that drives your business processes. You should clearly identify your requirements by analysing the type and volume of documents you receive – invoices, orders, claims, photographs, cheques and what information you want captured from these documents.

Involvement of IT stakeholders
Only 8% of businesses involve IT staff in overall mail room functions. The CIO or the IT executive is usually in charge of emails or web forms, and mail room or operations managers rarely have control over electronic media. In reality, most business communications are a mix of both electronic and paper media and hence about 39% of organisations surveyed feel that a fragmented approach leads to poor document management processes. 

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Integrating workflows

Automatic routing of paper documents and reducing manual intervention can significantly increase the return on mail room investments and benefits can be realised in as little as 6-8 months. A mail item might be an invoice, insurance claim form, a customer request for change of address, bill receipt or a warranty card or order form. Automatically redirecting these documents to the right function within the right business workflows not only helps eliminate manual transaction costs but also supports more strategic goals such as more responsive customer service and better management control.

Data Capture Solutions specialise in designing and implementing digital mail room automation systems and have successfully implemented systems with automated business workflows for companies like ExxonMobil, Savills and NHS Litigation. Our solutions can be easily installed to work with your business applications or you can choose a per item payment option with our hosted solutions.

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