Kofax Capture 10 – New Features

Accelerating adoption of capture technology

Kofax Capture is a powerful platform that provides a standard and consistent process for securely capturing information from all types of inbound documents as they are received by an organisation. The latest version – Kofax Capture 10 – has an improved user interface and can be deployed over a web browser, significantly reducing the time and cost of adopting capture technology. Some of the new features in Kofax Capture 10 are:

New user interface
– Kofax Capture 10 leverages Microsoft user interface standards and has the same look and feel as other widely used Microsoft applications.

Web based deployment
– Kofax Capture 10 can be implemented through a browser interface and the software can be updated through the browser too. 

Support for multiple languages on a single system – The system can be localised to run in 11 different languages or the operator can choose to run it in the default language.

Batch Filtering – Kofax Capture 10 provides better batch filtering capability as you can see all the batches being processed by the system and easily sort them on the basis of name, date, status etc. Sorting and filtering of batches is much faster in Kofax Capture 10.

Enhanced batch workflow improvements – Enhanced workflow capabilities allow users to design custom workflows. With the improved workflow components, scanned documents can be routed to any location. 

Better security controls – Kofax Capture 10 gives you better administrative control as restricted privileges can be applied to different user groups.

Distributed scanning – Kofax Capture 10 gives you the flexibility to scan from different locations and process locally. 

kofax capture datasheet Download the datasheet - Kofax Capture 10 - New Features

Benefits of upgrading to Kofax Capture 10

  • Quicker user adoption of capture technology.

  • Lower training costs.

  • Improved administrative control over the system and better data security.

  • More flexible system with easy customisation of document workflows.

  • Significantly improved usability and reduced costs for a multiple language environment.

Data Capture Solutions and Kofax 

Data Capture Solutions is a platinum reseller of Kofax products in the UK and our document management solutions are based on Kofax best- in-class capture technologies. To know more about Kofax solutions, talk to one of our business consultants on 01753 616 720 or send your enquiry using our Contact Form.

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